Aluminium ramps for logistics – DIMA

We produce ramps and loading platforms for logistics. Wide ramps for handling pallet trucks. Folding ramps with minimal size. Low slope platforms for loading vehicles with low ground clearance.

These products can withstand a load of up to 1000 kg.

Choose your ramp for the logistics sector

ModelLengthLoading Capacity
H 30da 1500 a 3500da 1535 a 180
H 60da 1500 a 3500da 1750 a 990
H 50da 1500 a 3500da 3600 a 1850
H 65da 1500 a 3500da 2000 a 1150
LOGISTICAda 1500 a 3000da 900 a 500
VANda 2000 a 3000da 600 a 300