Gardening – Aluminum ramps DI.MA.

We manufacture loading ramps for the gardening sector. Ramps to transport all possible machineries, for example lawn mowers or tractors. With load capacity from 200 to 2000 kg, for intensive and prolonged use.

Our ramps can be produced with safety edges, to guarantee operators greater protection. We also manufacture ramps without edges in order to offer greater versatility to users.

Choose your ramp for the gardening sector

H 30da 1500 a 3500da 1535 a 180
H 60da 1500 a 3500da 1750 a 990
H 50da 1500 a 3500da 3600 a 1850
H 65da 1500 a 3500da 2000 a 1150
H 72da 1500 a 3500da 1685 a 849
H 75da 1500 a 3500da 3200 a 1650
H 85da 1500 a 3500da 3300 a 1375